Health and Happiness - 2011 Rotarian Interviews

2011 Interviews with Rotarians

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Jenna Jordan, as part of our Health and Happiness program, has been conducting interviews of our Rotary membership so that we can learn more about each other.   She has been showing the club these videos during our meetings.  If you have missed one of these interesting interview videos, you can click on the link below and see them.  ENJOY!!

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Dr. Jim Forrester
To see Dr. Forrester's interview, click HERE! 

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Bill Doar

To see Bill's interview, click HERE!

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Ken Waddell

To see Ken's interview, click HERE! 

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Nat/Kim Kaminski

To see Nat/Kim's interview, click HERE! 

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Bob Mayer 

To see Bob's interview, click HERE!

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Jeannine Siembida 

 To see Jeannine's interview, click HERE!

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Charlie Schooler

To see Charlie's interview, click HERE!